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Georgia thought about everything that had happened. How it had taken her a long time to fully understand what exactly happened. Even now, months later Georgia still wondered what had happened and if there was anything she could have ever done to stop what had happened.

She had often begged to a higher power for it to all stop. Asking and crying repeatedly for someone or something to give her a sign that it was over and she could walk away. So many times she had asked, so many times she was given a chance and yet so many times she never did took the chance when it was. That was until now. For months she had known about the other woman. Georgia had never met her but she knew of her. Georgia even asked him face to face about the other woman and wondering would he ever say goodbye to her? Nothing changed, she waited for the day that he would walk away from her and ask for Georgia’s forgiveness…something that was only a dream for Georgia.

As time went on, Georgia began to realise that there was nothing that could be done to stop what had been done. The only thing she realised was that she was now finally free from Jack and his torture. She was now able to live her life and hopefully move on.

Georgia remembered the nights she cried herself to sleep and the arguing that happened on a nightly basis. It happened so munch that it had become something so normal for Georgia and she never realised how damaging the arguing had become. Never the less, Georgia still thought it was shame that the relationship between herself and Jack had ended and she was now on her own. Everyone had told her to walk away. However, she felt as if she didn’t have the drive to do it. Something kept her from walking away from that nightmare. The thing was it didn’t matter how nasty, controlling and horrible Jack was to her. She always saw the good in him and didn’t want to give up on him. So she fought hard for their relationship, not knowing that she was the only one fighting for something that had already been lost.  

Georgia began to think about who she was before she was saved. She hated herself very much and doubted everything about herself, often wondering how she could live without the man that she loved and adored. Georgia still loved Jack, that part still didn’t go away but see knew never to go back to him. Jack was fighting his own demons and there was nothing she could do to help with that but to step back and hope that he would find some help along the way.

It wasn’t the emotional abuse or even the physical abuse. It was the trust, the trust that she had for Jack and so many others were now gone. She now found tough to even talk to her friends and family. What was worse was that she felt that she couldn’t even live in the house they once shared as a couple. There were now too many horrible memories and no amount of decorating and rearranging of furniture would change that for Georgia.

Even now, sitting in her favourite coffee shop with her best friend. Georgia was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After everything, the one thing Georgia felt most was pity. She felt pity for Jack who obviously never knew what true love felt like. He had never had the encouragement she had while growing up. Yet even though that was no excuse for the amount of torment he inflected on Georgia she still felt sorry for him.

Georgia thought about their relationship, how he had blamed his family for all the wrongs in his life. Not just just his family but everyone around him. They were in the wrong, not him according to Jack. But that was the thing. Jack’s friends and family never thought him how to be so evil, his dad never cheated on his mother, and his father never thought Jack to treat women in such a horrible and nasty way. Jack was in fact one of the worst people Georgia had ever met. Now she realised how bad he truly was.

Georgia hoped that maybe one day that someone would treat Jack in the same way that he treated her. That maybe the girl he slept with while Georgia was at home would hurt him and leave him heartbroken. Georgia just hoped that one-day Jack would feel the pain that she had felt from him.

Yet as hurt as Georgia was, she was also happy. Georgia could now can go out with her friends. she had a job, goals and morals. Something Jack didn’t possess at the time.

Yes, Georgia angry with Jack and that would never change. If Jack had seen her now, she would have smiled at him but he would never see how much he had hurt her.

Georgia just wanted to wish the best for Jack, she truly did. Georgia just hoped somewhere in time Jack would pay for what he has done to her. The pain you have caused her.

The one thing she had learned about Jack was that he was never truly happy and he would never truly will be happy. People like Jack mask truly what’s going on and one of these days that other side of him was going to show its ugly head. That’s where all the trouble will begin. Or maybe it has already begun and he just don’t see it yet
The Other Woman
A little something I was working on a while ago. This is my own experience with a situation with a former partner and at the time it was how I was feeling about the situation. I sometimes find writing helps me to vent ha


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I'm a graphic designer and also write a little here and there.

I'll start adding some artwork as well as some little stories I've been working on.


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